Can’t Take That Away (Mariah’s Theme)

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“Can’t Take That Away (Mariah’s Theme)” is a song authored by American singer Mariah Carey and Diane Warren.

The song is inspirational as it speaks to the battles of dealing with individuals who put you down, and how to defeat these battles through faith, courage, and the power of God.

Carey explains in the song’s lyrics how while individuals can attempt to make her feel down and blue, regardless what happens, she can not let them win: “There’s a light in me that shines brightly. They can try but they can’t take that away from me.”

2 music videos were made for “Can’t Take That Away,” both orchestrated by Sanaa Hamri. The production of the video called for some of Carey’s fans to take part. She called for them to participate via her site and asked them to send in video clips of themselves, stating the adversities in their lives and how “Can’t Take That Away” had urged them on and inspired.

A competition was held, and video clips from 5 fans were selected for inclusion in the video recording. The clips were featured in the video’s intro, where Carey responds to her fan’s struggles which included personal insecurities, the troubles of being part of a racial or social minority, and being goldbricked by verbal harassment.

Have faith in yourself to succeed. Take a chance and know that you have your smarts, instinct and natural endowment on your side. Plus, your acquaintances and loved ones are there for you. Use your courage. It may be compared to a muscle. The more we utilize it, the stronger bravery gets.

Accept accountability for failure. This takes bravery and shows that you’re a real leader. Understand that quitting isn’t an option. It takes bravery to endure. It’s much easier to quit. Being relentless despite disheartenment takes great courage. Battle to overcome your fear. Brave individuals might still be afraid, but the difference is that they subdue their fear. They do not let it hold them back. Rather, they use it as a reminder of what they may lose if they don’t endure.

Follow up on your ideas. It takes bravery to put your trust in yourself. The worst conclusion you can make is to do nothing. Take chances and know that you are able to succeed.

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